Vapour Beauty


Inspired by the purity of light and the elemental energy of Taos, NM, renegade natural beauty pioneers Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley lead the evolution of clean color cosmetics.

Krysia is the cardinal Water sign, Cancer. Kristine is the cardinal Air sign, Libra. Both have wildly different characters, however when these elements come together with a singularly focused vision, alchemy happens.

VAPOUR (noun) /vå-por, defined as Water molecules dispersed in Air.

Vapour embodies a powerful yet understated strength and wild beauty. Being at one with nature and finding serenity in the landscape of Taos deeply influences the brand. Over the years, artists have been attracted by the brilliant light of Taos. Vapour products capture this magical essence and bring softly illuminating color onto the planes and contours of the face.

Since its inception, Vapour Beauty has been a clean color line that challenges convention. In 2009, co-founders Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley created their first collection.

Gone are the concessions over texture, comfort, long wear and color payoff. These clean color formulas offer sublime, luxurious alternatives to conventional makeup. Vapour embraces formulation performance while always honoring deep commitments to ingredient transparency, health and sustainability.