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Ancora brings a unique spirit to creators of truly authentic ideas with brands in the health, beauty and wellness realms; who are looking to take their brand to the next level; who are uncompromising in their vision.

Our approach is fresh. Inspiring. Energetic. Growth-accelerating.


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Brand + Passion

A brand is a clear, unique and powerful set of attributes in the mind of the marketplace. More than a name, look or marketing message, a brand is a living, breathing reputation, an idea that is alive and connected to those who believe in it. A brand should not be everything for everyone, but rather everything to the intended consumer.

Passion is fundamental to Ancora. It’s what drives our search for the next great brand or idea. We must have a strong conviction that a potential investment is right for us before we will even consider it. Ancora is a place of energy, of enthusiasm, of innovation. It’s more than capital. Every investor has money—passion, creator appreciation and operational capability set Ancora apart.

Redefining the growth model for nascent brands


    We are on a constant search for authentic health, beauty and wellness brands with a unique voice and a mindful raison d’être. We work with ambitious entrepreneurs who have tapped into something powerful—an unmet need, an exciting new idea, a different way of thinking. We help grow brands that connect to the consumer in a way that is both timely and timeless. We are in this to break new ground and change the game. We get fired up by the ideas, individuals and spirit at the companies we support. Like them, we’re seekers.


    We bring far more than capital to our companies. We are supportive, collaborative partners who bring a long-term commitment along with expertise and resources—sales and omni-channel relationships, product innovation, operations and regulatory, training and education, finance, marketing, digital, and so much more. We empower founders to exceed their dreams and deliver value, not only to consumers and investors, but also to suppliers, employees and communities.


    Changing consumer preference and technologies are driving the pace of innovation, setting the stage for ideas that disrupt the status quo. We seek that disruption. We are brand makers. Plan makers. Difference makers. We bring unique insights to focus founders on evolving their brand for maximum impact. We promote sustainable growth and constantly challenge relevance for tomorrow. We believe in stealth marketing in the beginning, helping our brands infiltrate the consumer psyche and change the landscape forever.


We are a unified team that has joined together because we love the thrill of building world-class brands.

Based in Chicago, New York and London, Ancora knows how to support leaders. Our principals, Lori Perella Krebs and Nicky Kinnaird, have decades of developmental experience within the beauty industry. Ancora’s financial partner, Winona Capital, is a seasoned private equity investor with a strong track record of building brands through sound decision-making and operational excellence.

We are here because we love the passion of the entrepreneur. The excitement of building something that changes the game. And the thrill of success. This is Ancora. This is what brought us together.

  • Lori Perella Krebs


    Lori Perella Krebs is an accomplished and well-rounded international executive with three decades of consumer product experience. She has built her career working with a wide variety of companies, from public and privately held to family-owned and personality brands.

    Lori’s experience in international business development has given her an entrepreneurial demeanor that she has leveraged to build world-class brands.

    Lori’s career encompasses both fashion and beauty and her expertise spans branding, investor relations, finance and strategic planning, and operations oversight that includes product development, sales and marketing, supply chain and retailer presentation guidance.

    She has served on numerous private-equity-backed boards with in beauty as well. With Lori’s breadth of experience, Ancora’s platform is perfectly suited for her to help young brands reach their full potential.

  • Nicky Kinnaird


    Nicky Kinnaird is renowned as a visionary entrepreneur and beauty guru. Her reputation began in the early ‘90s with her London-based Space NK apothecary. Rapidly establishing itself as one of the most iconic sources of the world’s best beauty brands, Space NK has grown to nearly 100 locations in the UK and North America.

    Nicky enjoys an impressive track record of identifying upcoming retail and consumer trends specializing in nurturing innovation and creative talent.

    Nicky has received extraordinary industry recognition for her achievements, including an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for Services to the Cosmetic Industry.

    After 21 years, Nicky left Space NK to establish her own brand and retail consultancy that focuses on beauty, well-being and lifestyle. Ancora is the next chapter, bringing her brand engagement to an entirely new level.

  • Tonya Giver


    Tonya brings a passion for business, collaborative brand building and the client experience to the Ancora team. Her business instincts, creativity and clarity of vision have helped to support the rapid and continuous growth of many brands within the cosmetic industry both domestically and internationally.

    Tonya leads our overall brand growth strategies and retail initiatives, ensuring the success and development of our brand portfolio through innovation, the client experience and education.

    Tonya's work in directing and developing our highly trained field team is designed for performance, helping to communicate clear, concise brand messaging in fun, engaging formats.

  • Jim Anderson


    Jim Anderson is Ancora’s operations and supply chain expert. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the personal care products industry, including developing and leading the supply chain function for a number of prestige brands.

    Jim is a longterm thinker and team builder who has proven time and time again his ability to increase business and shareholder value through operational excellence.

    Jim supports next-level growth for our portfolio companies, applying deep expertise that spans a wide range of operational functions, from supply chain strategy, subcontract manufacturing and procurement to new product launch management, inventory planning, warehousing, logistics and more.

  • Amanda Ritchie


    Amanda Ritchie is a Certified Public Accountant and manages Ancora's financial operations. She brings nearly 15 years of experience in accounting, auditing, and financial reporting across a number of industries.

    Her commitment to excellence and passion for improving processes helps to enhance efficiency and create insightful financial reporting.

    Amanda is excited to support the growth of Ancora's brands as part of its collaborative team.

  • Nicole Palmieri


    Nicole Palmieri is an eager up-and- comer in the cosmetics and personal care industry seeking to expand on her previous experience. Prior to Ancora, Nicole worked in many facets of the industry where she gained experience in quality, regulatory, and manufacturing.

    Nicole has completed a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, and a master's degree in chemical engineering from Manhattan College with a focus in cosmetics and personal care. Passionate about quality products and a positive brand message, Ancora was a natural fit.


We are looking to support creators of truly authentic, difference-making ideas and brands in the health, beauty and wellness realms. We are excited to work with people who are uncompromising in their vision and ready to take that vision to the next level. People like Indie Lee.

Indie Lee

In 2008, Indie Lee was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor that doctors felt could be environmentally derived and attributed to something as simple as what she was putting on her skin. After learning that up to 60% of what we apply to our skin may be absorbed in as little as 26 seconds, Indie had her awakening. She embarked upon a wellness journey to create a clean beauty collection dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to be mindful about what they put on their skin as well as into their body.

Sourcing the world's finest ingredients and formulating with the help of leading, like-minded chemists, Indie Lee & Co. intrinsically blends nature and science to bring the most efficacious products to market without sacrificing safety. The brand’s mission to provide healthier skincare options is embodied through its undertaking of rigorous testing protocols to ensure clean, high-performance products. Committed to creating change and building community in the clean lifestyle and wellness categories, Indie Lee & Co is grounded in nature, supported through science, and inspired by life.

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Indie Lee



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